The Creative Content Contest – Jan 2021

Who can participate?

Group A. Students studying in standard 9th-12th in any stream
Group B. Students studying in undergraduate courses – B.Sc, B.Tech, B.Com, BA, BCA, BBA, Diploma courses etc.



 “Career options for young India of today”.

You can use text, video or audio medium to:

  • share a story on someone’s career journey
  • share an inspirational career incident of someone known
  • record an interview with your parents, relatives on their profession 
  • collect and share tips on how to choose and engineer your career
  • increase awareness about lesser known or unconventional careers
  • essential skillset needed for a specific profession

The above list is not exhaustive. Feel free to cover any aspect of any career path that you can gather knowledge about, from your friends and family. 



FREE registration for first 50 participants. Use code FIRST50

Achimo presentsThe Creative Content Contest – Jan 2021”

We believe that every child has the power to choose their path. This is especially true in the new decade where several unforeseen career options and job profiles have opened up. Few years ago, who had heard of job titles such as “Lead Generation Specialist“, “Site Reliability Engineer“, “Growth Manager“, “Robotic Process Automation consultant“, and “Blockchain Developer“? Yet these titles figure in a list of 15 fastest growing jobs released by LinkedIn.

Not only new job titles, we are witnessing altogether new career profiles never imagined ever before. Indian Youtuber CarryMinati was named by internationally renowned TIME magazine as a Next Generation Leader in 2019. Ajey Nagar (i.e. CarryMinati) was featured in a list of only 10 young people from around the world who are forging new paths in politics, music and other spheres. It is no mean feat since Nagar, was just a teenager (19 yrs) and had nearly 7 million subscribers for his YouTube channel.

But being a Youtuber is not really a career option !” – many parents would argue. That maybe right or maybe not – it is probably for the current young generation to find out for themselves as they look for new opportunities and create new pathways. ‘Blogging‘ in general, be it video, audio or text based, is definitely a new age career option where talented individuals have put their language skills or storytelling skills to garner huge following and earn respectable money along the way. An excellent example here is Shraddha Sharma who studied History and employed her story selling skills to start YourStory.

Similar to Blogging, many new career options do not necessarily need core Math and Science skills. For instance, a ‘User Experience Designer‘ is a sought after job role, highly paid and involves imagination, creativity and empathy towards the user. Gaming related career options have technical roles such as ‘Games Animator‘, Audio Engineer‘ etc. but also creative ones such as ‘Games Designer’ and ‘Games Artist‘, and language based ‘Interpreters and translators‘. Gamers also get hired to help design and test new games. Students in Commerce stream can look out for careers in ‘Actuarial Science‘, ‘Economics’, or be an ‘Investment Advisor‘ in addition to traditional options such as ‘Chartered Accountant‘ or ‘Company Secretary‘.

Youngsters skilled in any area are increasingly skipping the working class phenomena and creating jobs for others by becoming Entrepreneurs. However, none of us are fully aware of all the career paths available and which ones are the right match for someone’s interests. This contest is a first in a series of efforts from Achimo team to bring together collective knowledge that everyone can benefit from.


(FREE registration for first 50 participants. Use coupon code FIRST50)

Is there a participation fee?

Yes. To ensure that only genuinely interested participants come together to engage in interesting conversations, we have a nominal entry fee. The amount is INR 150 payable at the time of registration. Different modes of payment are available.

Good news is that registration is Free for first 50 Early Bird entries !  So hurry and Register now !

Format for submissions

We are accepting 3 different formats:
1. Text Blog / Article : from 1000-2000 words. Entries shall be uploaded as a PDF file.
2. Podcast / Audio file : from 2 min – 5 min. Entries shall be uploaded as an .mp3 file.
3. Vlog / Video recording : from 2 min – 5 min. Entries shall be uploaded as an .mp4 file.

Evaluation Criteria

All entries shall be evaluated by Judges and will be made available on our Facebook Page for audience feedback. The winner(s) shall be chosen on the basis of both, with 50% weightage given to each.  

  1. Audience Choice –  This will include likes, shares and comments on the your submission that we will upload on Achimo Facebook page. Post will reflect the participant’s name and entry. 
  2. Judges – All the entries shall be evaluated by selected judges on:

  • quality of information in your submission
  • diversity of career option chosen
  • presentation style / creativity
  • correctness and clarity of the content
  • originality of content (content found or reported to be copied shall be rejected)

Important Dates

Contest date has been extended on request from students due to ongoing exams.

  • 1st Jan 2021 – Competition registration and content submission opens
  • 15th Jan 2021 (New date is 31st Jan 2021) – Last date to register for the contest
  • 20th Jan 2021 (New date is 8th Feb 2021) – Last date to submit your entry
  • 26th Jan 2021 (New date is 15th Feb 2021)- Final result announcement


  1. One top socially popular entry (maximum likes, shares, comments) across all the three formats (video blog, audio blog or text blog) shall get an Amazon Echo Dot
  2. One first prize in each category (video blog, audio blog or text blog) shall get a Sony on-ear headset (MDR-ZX110AP or equivalent).
  3. One runners up prize in each category (video blog, audio blog or text blog) shall get Achimo voucher worth Rs 500/- each.
    All participants shall get an e-certificate.

Why should I participate?

1. Deep Dive into your favorite career path: Each participant will go in depth of a specific career option and think critically about it.
2. Collective Knowledge: Participants, will become aware of several career paths from collective knowledge of other. There are several options that many parents and students have not even heard of. The contest aims to uncover those.
3. Networking: As an added advantage, participants will become aware of professionals working in a specific area. They could potentially form a connection for any specific advice.
4. New Skills: Participants shall gain new age skills while trying to create a video blog, podcast or a written article.
5. Have Fun ! during winter vacations with a creative activity.

Register Now

FREE registration for first 50 participants. Use code FIRST50

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